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Inspired by his time in service, War and Peace and Poetry came about 
 through viewing (and living) the everyday life of American soldiers.  
Their stories and the how they live while deployed to Iraq are covered  
in these verses, as well as some of author Lonnie's childhood memories  
of growing up in his beloved Deep South. 

Many of the poems in this collection address war and its effects on families. They show the heavy emotions of the soldiers, spouses, and their children, who have to deal with the tough realities of war. Lonnie touches on a facet of life that reflects each individual family member. 

"Daddy, Don't Go" was inspired by personal experience with his kids and the children of his fellow soldiers as they prepared to deploy from Fort Stewart. It was, by far, the most difficult poem he has written.                      

Not just a Scholar                              
                   or a Man of Law               
                                    but also a Poet

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 He wrote the poem "The Journey" after speaking with many friends and hearing the aching loneliness of their spouses and loved ones. The poem say to them, "I am there with you in spirit always, even if I cannot be with you physically. 

"War and Peace and Poetry offers a Lonnie's perspective as he served on the  
sacrifices made during war and tells the stories of soldiers and their families with  
heartfelt emotion.

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